Offers lodging and retreats in the Magical Santa Fe Landscape.  Please email us an inquiry for your booking dates.

Our goal is to offer a unique experience of hospitality that nourishes our guests and leaves them feeling well cared for, safe and blessed during and long after their visit with us.

The vision behind the “La Fortuna Suites” began in 1983 when we were married in South Korea on a missionary trip.  While riding the train from Seoul to our destination in Onyang we passed by open fields with storage containers in which whole families lived  along the way.  Not unlike Mexico.  But it made us realize how sacred safe housing was.  And it put within us a desire to “share” whatever we had…someday.  Since then we have always offered our rooms, homes and land to others in need of lodging, housing and parking.

The second part of the vision…and the name came from a movie (“Til there was you”) about an Historic 1940’s LA Apartment complex which created a magical place where all kinds of different people came together to create a “family” of their own in the midst of the craziness of Los Angeles.  The place was called “La Fortuna”…and if you watch the movie…you will discover the “spirit” of our Suites.  It is like that here.

We make our spaces available to guests, travelers, visitors and long term tenants in hopes of creating a little bit of magic in their journey.  We share what we have and welcome like minded souls to care for the properties with love…knowing that the next person will be impacted by the care they also took during their stay.

When people come to our home…they say it is peaceful.  They say they can sleep.  They say they are restored and rejuvenated.  There is love here and hope and vision and encouragement.  They are modest spaces…but they are blessed.  We welcome you.










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