Enlarging the Tents

~Pagosa SpringsSome years ago I was encouraged in Spirit that we should think bigger, be more, do more and consider what happens when we grow, expand, enlarge and enrich our world.  As people we tend to be somewhat contained and tend to try to stay in our comfort zone.  But God seems to have bigger plans and they often involve thinking outside the box and beyond our personal comfort.

I am challenged these days to consider further expansion.  To make room for more of God’s plan.

We are on our way to Pagosa Springs this week.  We will stay at  The Pagosa Cabin.  A sweet little spot outside of town in the Aspen Springs area that belongs to our friends and has served as a base for exploring the area a few times.   Land is comparatively inexpensive there.  They haven’t started fracking in Pagosa yet and most of all…the Hot Springs and the River offer a perfect blend of fun and luxury  for both myself and my grandson.  You have to love a place that plays a movie every night of the year for kids to watch while soaking in a warm pool.  River has been soaking since he was a baby…and Pagosa is his “Catalina”…a small, safe, playground that feels like his own.  There are many more adventures to have there.  We have found the bike paths, the playground, the river, skate park and the springs.  But we have more to discover.  Pagosa is sort of old fashioned in a way.  The people are friendly.  It’s reminiscent.

I think about a place in the Pines.  I remember some faint recollection of Big Bear and Arrowhead.  Snowy mornings and forest trails.  Horseback riding among rocks and trees.  Faded memories that long to be reenacted and passed down to my grandson.  We have miles to go and many memories to make yet.  I look for ways to create them.  Always including a little place of our own.  A hideaway, a fort, a boat, a teepee, a parcel, a cabin, a campsite, a glamper.  The Pagosa Hot Springs Resorttrouble is…once I “see” it…I know it will be.  There isn’t any silencing of God’s intention for us…so we might as well get on with it.

I wonder why?  I wonder how it always is like that.  I don’t think about “me” any more.  I think about him.  A seven year old boy living in an impossible world where the idea of owning a little piece of land somewhere will seem improbable in 20 years…when it will matter to him.  I think about his children.  I think about his grand children.  And today – in 2015…I think about how I can help create a world that gives all of them some small “leg up”.  A little start.  A few memories. A show of love.  To plan ahead for them.  To envision laughter and campfires and meals and adventure.  I know I am only availing my heart to the heart of the Father for this little guy.  I love that HE loves him and has a plan for him!

While other people collect things or buy new cars, or take lavish vacations or drink $200 bottles of wine…I spend my hours scouting for deals in hopes of finding something special for a seven year old boy where he and I (and hopefully his dad and bompa) will build a little cabin in the forest.  I imagine our little campsite in a little town 3 hours away where a river runs through it and the people are kind and the memories are ours for the taking.

We will have a wee cabin in the forest soon.  We will enlarge our tents and make wide our hearts for the “more” that God always wants to bring us.


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