Blessing the People who Bless the People

If I had to describe my “calling” in life I would say it has been to minister to the people who minister to the people.  Lately…those people have been Travel Nurses.  I first ran into the travel nurse scenario in Farmington, NM when I managed the Casa Blanca Inn.  We had several quaint accommodations that travel nurses and doctors booked on a regular basis. Later in Santa Fe while helping a gal needing a furnished place for just a few months in High Season…I became intimately aware of the struggle for housing.  Our home in San Diego already had a travel nurse connection with the fiance of a long term tenant…and so my empathy for the situation they are in is real.  Yes – a good adventure…traveling the country while also healing and assisting where the need is great…but the common difficulty is finding housing.  Sometimes on short notice.

I recently realized that our furnished properties could be a perfect match for travel nurses when available.  Our little furnished suites in Solana Beach can comfortably accommodate the travel nurse and we have found the location to be ideal for many of the hospitals/facilities nurses or doctors need to access within 20 minutes.   So – we are off and running to get the word out and hope to become a “go to” spot for turnkey furnished lodging at a fair price in the market…regardless of the season.

Our beautiful home in Santa Fe will be available from January through May and can accommodate up to two.  The views and location can’t be beat and I am confident that the sense of tranquility will nurture Santa Fe medical professionals during their time off.

We work hard to create a peaceful and restorative home for all of our guests and hope that those who work in the healing arts will discover these sweet spaces and feel welcome and comfortable during their travels.  We always work by referral and welcome clean, responsible, respectful and courteous guests.  If we do not have an opening…I am happy to help/consult on the area when possible!





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